Wednesday, December 17, 2008


Day 9 (we think). There has been so much happening, it is hard to make it comprehensible, so I will be all over the place....First, I am sure you want to know more about the kids. We officially gave them their new names today. They are all excited to have an American name and to come to America.

Ryan Maxim - 8 - Very calm, sweet, helpful with his brothers and sisters, but did put his little brother in a gentle headlock, so he may be another Tibbetts wrestler!!

Robin Vladislava - 7 - Very energetic, very independent, is definitely going to be the drama queen of the bunch.

Jason Ivan - 5 - He is very energetic, likes to wrestle and play rough and will be our challenge on the way home.

Jillian Katerina - 3 - Very happy, always smiling, loves the Winnie the Pooh we gave her. Likes to sit on our laps.

Luckily, we have a big yard at home. They are going to need room to run and play, as they only have small places to play here and they will need to burn off energy. I think we will need to invest in a trampoline and a swingset, but since I have been hearing it has been very cold and snowy in Minnesota, maybe we better start with sleds and ice skates!!

Sorry I didn't write yesterday. I hadn't slept yet in 8 days, just little bits here and there, but I finally slept last night so I feel MUCH better!! Yesterday and today, we spent a lot of time running here and there and spending lots of time waiting in the car while our facilitator did paperwork for us. I am not sure of all the places we went, but we went to the inspector's office (same thing as a social worker for us), orphanage offices, lawyer, judge and a few other places and sometimes back and forth between them. By the end of the day yesterday, I could hardly stay awake and had a major headache. As far as we know right now, we are trying for court about Dec. 24 (so I don't think we will be home for Christmas). All the documents have to go back to Kiev to the SDA (State Department of Adoptions - where we started) and then they will send the referral back to us so we can go to court. After court, there is a 10-day mandatory waiting period before we can take the kids home - but for us it will be more like 15 days with their Christmas.

We are staying at a Christian Clinic here. It is really cool. They have everthing we need. Our bedroom is about 10 x 18 feet with two single beds, a couch, desk, and a closet (and our facilitator has his own room). Across the hall is a kitchen we can use, dining room, and bathrooms. It is like a dormitory. It is where their missionaries stay, but there aren't any here, so they let adoptive families stay here. And the clinic director lets us use his computer for Internet. It is a ways from the orphanage so we have to have a driver everyday for driving to the orphanage and running around for all the paperwork, but he knows where everything we need is.

Jenni and Brian wanted to know why we didn't have hot water in Kiev. I asked George and we got a 20-minute explanation, but it comes down to a political thing and they can shut it off at will.

We have had several visits with the kids. We are allowed to have two visits a day. From 11-12:30 and from 4:15-6:30. We don't always get two visits with all the running around for paperwork we have to do. The hardest thing is communication. George sometimes has to leave to work on the paperwork and we are on our own. They get a little wound up and we visit with them in a little room with no toys and there are decorations on the wall that they don't want broken. We try to bring things for them to do. The oldest two really like to color. We brought play-doh and they weren't interested and put it in their bags to keep. They really like looking at the pictures we brought from home. Vlada tried to say Sierra today when I was pointing out people in the pictures - of course she rolled the R's, so it was really cute. The visits get easier and more enjoyable each time. The youngest boy ran back and gave us both hugs when we left today.

Since the oldest boy is in school, he has to write a petition to agree to be adopted. He has only been in school a short time, so please pray that he won't be frustrated and will agree to us being his parents.

I know everybody is anxious to see pictures, just know that they are cute!! One, I don't know how to add pictures to this blog using a public computer and two, I don't think we are allowed to put pictures on the web until after court. Sorry!! You'll just have to wait!! ;0)

I don't know what else you want to know about. Please keep e-mailing and/or leaving comments on the blog. We really appreciate it and it will give us ideas of what to write about and we love hearing from home!! Thanks for praying!!! Dos va danya!!


Kevin and Tanya Pietz said...

Hi Monte and Cheryl - we are SO excited to read your blog and follow along on your amazing adventure - we cannot wait to meet your beautiful children - Arik is very excited to have a friend his age at church and from the sounds of it, he and Jason have similar "rough and tumble" personalities and I'm sure will be fast friends - we bought 4 comforters for you when we were in the cities this weekend (before we knew about the kids...God's leading on that one!!) they'll all have comforters for their beds when they get home. We are praying for you and will continue to pray for your new family! God Bless

Melinda Lanham said...

We are loving your children already. What an exciting time for you and for us as we look forward to meeting your new forever family! God continues to work out all of the details, included the great news of where you are staying now. I will keep praying that you get more and more time with the children. Also, that your paper work goes quickly and you will be home before you know it. Will pray that Ryan will want to have you as Mom and Dad. I know Nicolas is excited about meeting him. Not to mention, Caleb and Rebekah can't wait for Jason and Jillian. I know Maddie is thrilled for Robin to come back also. God already has many friends planned for the children. It is exciting to see His hand on you as He shows you His plan. We love you and are praying God's continued protection and guidance as you work through this process! Give the children hugs from us back here in the freezing Minnesota. BTW...We have a great sledding hill that we would love to have you join us on!!! Love, Me

Jenni Pearson said...

Sooooo glad to hear from you. Was praying that the lack of new blog material was for lack of time or ability. I was so glad when I was notified that you had updated and that we now have names to attach to these new ones instead of just initials!

I am so glad that we will have one more drama queen to add to the ones we have already and that now Maddie will have one to be dramatic with!

One really positive note about not hearing from you - I pray even more. Am praying that the government will show great favor to you and that your dates will be soon! Will pray that Ryan will be more that willing to write the petition.

Praise God! We are so happy for you and so excited to meet them. Can't wait to add 4 new great kids to our list of friends.

Love Jenni

Anonymous said...

Cheryl and Monte, I am just so very excited for you guys about your FOUR beautiful children!! Oh I can't wait to learn more. I have really been thinking and praying for you guys that everything is going according to God's perfect plan. It really sounds like everything is truly falling into place and I am so thankful! Please be safe, enjoy every moment, and God Bless! ~Angie A.

Melinda Lanham said...

As I sit here and read your posts I am overcome with emotions. Reflecting back on our journey. Your children are so precious and we can't wait to meet them. You are going to be so blessed. It is so great to see God's hand in your journey. Just remember He is always in control. When you are tired and exhausted He will give you strength. When you are overcome with emotion He will give you comfort. He will give you endurance with the huge amounts of paperwork. It will be worth it. I will pray for your strength and encouragement in these days ahead. We can't wait to meet your forever family. Love, Steven

Karen/Kira said...

What wonderful news!! God is just full of awesome Christmas Presents!! He just loves to give!!! We are so excited and happy for you!! Not to mention being excited for all of us back here!! New ice skating partners, YEAH!!! We will also be praying for Ryan.....God is working on him.
Okay, so what does Dos va danya mean? Good Day? Good nite? Good Bye? Am I close?.......
How awesome that you have such a nice place to stay!! Are there any other families staying there now? Would be nice to have some other Americans to talk to in person.
Praise God you were able to get some overdue rest!!
Have you been able to have meals with them? See their rooms, and possessions? Did they have sponsors? If so, will you/could you continue to keep in touch with them? Well, enough questions for now. Sleep well. Looking forward to the next note.
Love to you ALL!!! Karen and Kira