Saturday, April 25, 2009

All four.....

Since I won't have a birthday picture of Vlada until November, I just wanted to throw in a picture of all of them together. This was on a recent walk we took. Aren't they precious!!

Jason Vanya - age 6

For Jason's birthday, we had cupcakes instead of cake since he likes cupcakes better!! ;-) My parents came for Vanya's birthday too, Kam was away and his prayer pal was sick. We also had Sonny and Glo over since they are honorary grandparents and have just returned from Florida. It was a nice small birthday party. Inna was also present at the birthday party. I will write more about Inna when I update my blog as promised!! ;-)

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Ryan Maxim - age 9

This is Ryan on his 9th birthday. We had a little bit bigger party for him, but still tried to keep it simple as Katya's was a little over stimulating for all of them. They are eating a little better with people over. We had my parents, Kamron, Ryan's prayer pal Roy and his wife, daughter, and grandson over. The kids had a really good time playing with Dylin and with Ruth and Monica's I-Pods. They love those!! They didn't want to give them back. Ryan was blessed with two skateboards and two soccer balls (lucky boy!) and some gardening tools. He probably understood the concept of birthday the most. Well, I have to go to do school, but I will add Vanya's birthday pics and a blog update soon - I promise!! ;-)

Jillian Katerina - Age 4

I have lots of catching up to do on our blog!! We have now been home 12 weeks and a lot has been happening, but first I wanted to try to post pictures of our birthdays. We had 3 birthdays in three weeks. The first was Katya's on March 26. She turned four. We just had my parents over. We knew that they would be overwhelmed and overstimulated easily, which they were. They would hardly touch a bite of their meals and they usually eat a lot. She got a new baby doll with homemade clothes from my parents and a purse with little dogs in it and this ball from us. She loves balls, but Buddy already took a big bite of it when she threw it off the deck - he loves balls too!! ;-)