Thursday, December 25, 2008

Children's sizes

Oops, I forgot to tell you the sizes of the children for the people that wanted to know. (Also, the post I just wrote showed up as Dec. 25, but it is really Dec. 26 early in the a.m. - maybe it is still on Minnesota time!!)

We measured the wiggly children yesterday. So to the best of our ability, these are the sizes we think the children are....

Ryan, age 8, size 8.
Robin, age 7, size 6X slim - her waist is the same size as Jillians and Jasons!!
Jason - age 5, size 4 - I think of them all, he is the smallest for his age.
Jillian - age 3, size 3. (We think anyway - the size chart I have starts at size 4, so we are guessing she is a 3T.)

Their feet we only have measurements - I don't have a size chart for those - Ryan 18 cm, Robin 17 cm, Jason 17 cm, and Jillian 6 inches. (The caregivers measured the feet for the bigger ones that is way they are in cm). It will still be hard to buy them shoes. I am not sure Robin's size is right. So anyway, for those of you who love bargain shopping, here you go....we have very little at home.

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