Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Travel Inevitably Makes You Tired....

It was funny, I looked over at a book by Tom Clancy that the guy in the next seat on the airplane was reading and this was the heading on that page!! So true. We made it home Dec. 27 at 10 p.m. Our flights from Kiev to Frankfurt and Frankfurt to Chicago were uneventful - finally some normal flights!! But when we got into Chicago, we found our flight to MSP at 3:25 was cancelled!! We so desperately wanted to go home! They put us on standby for the 4:20 flight - that one was full. They put us on standby for the 5:05 flight. We were #26 and there were only 12 seats left. We thought we would be spending the night in Chicago!! Thankfully, many of those people didn't show up and we were the last ones on the flight. It was a yucky flight - almost the whole time was turbulence and I got sick when we got to MSP. Pam was there to pick us up. It was nice to get home. With minutes of being home, Buddy was in my lap. (Buddy is our 83-lb German Shorthair Pointer who thinks he is a lap dog.) We had Christmas with Korey and then went to bed late.

We got up for church - we missed Sunday School - but we got a celebrity welcome when we got there. It was great to be back with our brothers and sisters in Christ!! They had put up pictures of the kids on the big screen so everyone could see and we even had to get up and speak. We weren't really prepared and with jet lag, I am not sure we even made any sense!!

It was hard at first to do "normal." Its like our whole life changed, but we had to come back to our normal routine for a couple of weeks - it just didn't feel right. We miss the kids terribly. We see them everywhere, picture them playing in the backyard, picture them in their new rooms, and at church. We will be leaving again Jan 11 to go back and get them. We will be there 2-3 weeks again. We will have a lot of paperwork to do to get their new birth certificates, passports, visas and medicals. Some of it will be in their region and the embassy stuff we will be back in Kiev, but we will have the kids with us then.

It is about 12 below zero now and we are getting ready to go to a youth group skating and sledding party, so I guess we better go and get our layers on!! I love ice skating, but I may just stay inside and stay warm today!!

We probably won't have much news for a while. I want to write one more post telling you about the "why" of our adoption, a post I wanted to write at the beginning, but I didn't get to it. We are going to be moving my office, remodeling a bedroom, and moving bedrooms around before we go, so if I have time, I will write that post in the next couple of weeks....

Until then, stay warm!!!!

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Jenni Pearson said...

So glad to hear from you that all is going well still. I will continue to pray that you and the children will be able to forge a new routine and understanding of "family life." God can and will do miraculous works! I am also glad that the children love Korey, what an amazing opportunity for everyone and such a blessing for them to know that they just don't get to have a Mom and Dad, they have brothers too!! I'm sorry to hear you are, once again, absolutely exhausted, and will pray that you will be able to get some good sleep so that you are rested before you have to come home with jet lag. It is such a blessing to see God's answers to prayer right in your blog. Praying that all your paperwork is looked on with great favor and that we will get to see you soon. Love Jenni and Family