Sunday, December 21, 2008

Today, was a nice quiet day. We had a really nice visit with the kids. We started out with just the two older ones so we could try to settle them down a bit. We bought some paint with sponges on top that you dot on the paper at MACHE last year. The kids really liked that. We found some paper at Oriental Trading that just had circles to make picture so they could just dot in on and not a lot of mess! Ryan picked a machina (car) and Robin picked a heart picture. Then we brought the younger ones in. Jason actually sat down and colored today, but he picked the Barbie book to color in. We thought Robin wouldn't like it, but she didn't care. Maybe she didn't realize it was her book, so I guess the coloring books will just be community property! Maybe it will make it easier that way anyway!

We did get the heights of Ryan and Robin. They were trying to see who was tallest. Ryan is 51" tall and Robin is 47-1/2. They were so busy coloring and painting, I didn't get everyone's measurements. I did measure Ryan for chest and waist and they are both 26" (with a shirt and sweater on). I am not sure these measurements are very accurate. I checked them on the size chart I brought from Land's End. For height, he would be an 8 and by waist he would be a 14, so that doesn't come out right. They are very small children, so I have never figured out why their waists are so big (even my sponsored kids were like that), except for maybe malnutrition with the bigger bellies??

There isn't much to tell about today. So I guess I will describe the place that we have lunch at almost everyday. (We only eat one meal out.) It's name translated means "Don't Be Upset." I though maybe it meant not to be upset about their food or service, but George explained it is from a movie. So I am guessing it means more like "Don't Worry, Be Happy!" We have had mostly an entree with "pureed" potatoes. Either beef stroganoff, chicken pockets, or pike perch. Today I tried an appetizer that George got yesterday that smelled good. It seemed like a Mexican tortilla with salsa. It turned out to be a tortilla like thing with caviar inside and the "salsa" was a dip made from the broth from the fish soup with garlic and onion. So now, I can say I tried caviar!!

This evening, George is taking our paperwork to the train in Odessa to send it to Sveta in Kiev to pick up in the morning, so we can't go visit the kids tonight. We are going to do one more load of laundry and maybe watch a movie on the laptop. (We haven't been able to use it for e-mail, but it has come in handy to watch movies on!!)

We miss you all!! Stay warm and hope you're dug out from the last snowfall!


Jenni Pearson said...

So happy to hear that things are continuing to move forward. I am sorry to hear that you will have to come back here for awhile w/o the babes, it will be very hard I am sure! Although, it will give you that necessary time to shop and prepare for their arrival. I don't know what the weather has been like for you, but we just barely got shoveled out from the last storm and another has come! It is beautiful! Everything is glistening white in the sun. The kids will have lots of snow to play in if it ever warms up enough to be outside. Can't wait to see pictures of the children. Are you able to take pictures? I am so glad that you were able to have a nice calm day today - everyone needs those kinds of days. Continuing to pray that the Lord blesses your process and causes others to show great favor towards you. Praising God that you have also been chosen by your children, what a blessing it is. So... what is it like to try caviar - you said you were brave enough to try it, but was it any good or did you give your plate to George? Did you know what you were eating before you tried it? I think I might have lost it if I knew what it was before I tried it. Fish broth, yum! (oh by the way, I (jenni) don't like pan fish even, so that would really be a stretch for me) Love to you both. Jenni and family.

George and Dena Nix said...

Hello from the deep freeze! I talked with Wioleta, Alan's wife, and she is very excited about your news. She was adopted at the age of 10 from Poland with her siblings, two brothers and a sister. Does that sound familiar? Her best friend when she came to the USA was from Ukraine so she knows the language and would love to meet and speak with your children when you come back to Minnesota. She has been where they are and can offer them encouragement. Thank you for listening to God's call on your heart and rescuing these precious children.

Love you guys!

George and Dena