Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Hi - Sorry we didn't write again yesterday. The clinic director was downloading a movie and it took all day and evening. Then it got a virus, so we can't use it today. We are now in an Internet Cafe a few blocks from the orphanage. We just happened to walk by it today. Every other day, we have had a driver, but today we decided to walk so we could use the Internet on our way "home." It is full of kids playing loud computer games and this keyboard sticks and sometimes all the keys don't work and it keeps switching back to Russian, so hopefully at the end, it will make sense!! Oh by the way, Internet Cafe does not mean a nice place like the Beanery. There is no food here. It is just a room with about 8 computers. We pay by the hour.

Our court date is almost definitely not going to be tomorrow. We still don't have papers from the SDA. Sveta called to ask about them yesterday and they couldn't find all the kids. The girls have different last names than the boys, but they did eventually find them, but they weren't going to look at them today anyway. Hopefully tomorrow!! If they come tomorrow by train, we can go to court Friday and keep our flight. If not, it will be Monday or later. We took our train tickets back that we had for Thursday night. We lost 16 griva per ticket - about $2. We will have to re-book everything for when we know something for sure.

We got inventive with supper last night. Earlier we bought some awful sausage that was really fatty and you could almost feel the fat ooze out of it when you took a bite. So, yesterday for lunch we tried to fry it to see if we could get some fat off and that worked!! It tasted almost like bacon!! and left a half a pan of grease!! Last night, Monte had the great idea to make eggs in a bag. So, he fried up some more sausage, cut up cheese and put in a few eggs and that worked well too. (We brought all different sizes of baggies from home - you can't buy them here.) We are trying to get inventive with the food we make ourselves. I was never a good "made from scratch" cook, so it has been kind of hard. My idea of homemade soup is dumping 5 cans and cream of something together and voila - homemade soup!! So, we could use some ideas!! Otherwise, all we have been eating is things made with potatoes, cheese, eggs, and bread. We buy juice and snacks too. Monte is going to try homemade macaroni and cheese tonight since we have an oven to use - if we can find macaroni. Hopefully we will find it in some shape on the way home.

We had a nice visit with the kids this morning. Today, the orphanage had an inspection for sanitation, so they wanted us to stay outside. So, we played on the teeter totter thingy and with a beach ball. We are on our third beachball. The first one lasted a week or so and got a hole in it. We brought a new one yesterday and Jillian bit a hole in it. We are on our last one. Today, we only had chupa chups (suckers) for snacks today. We didn't go to the market on the way this morning.

Well, that's it for now. We can't stay here too much longer. Sorry, that I can't answer all the e-mails!! But know that we love getting them and read them all. Hopefully we can answer some more tonight at the clinic. Dos va danya!! (goodbye)


Joey McGuire said...

Merry Christmas,
It sounds like you are faring pretty well. You will be used to a meatless diet by the time you get home - a steak will never have tasted so good.
We are praying that the schedule will allow you to still use your tickets and return home on Saturday. Lots to do to get ready for your new family.
We'll see you when you get home.
Joey & Dan

Coralie said...

Merry Christmas!, It must be hard with all the waiting. Once you have those little guys here you will forget (somewhat) about the wait. like after you have your baby you forget about the pain!! It's all worth it. I am thinking about you and will pray for you. Love Coralie