Monday, January 19, 2009

Sick Boys

Today, Jason woke up crying and he is limping on his foot and complaining about a sore on his thumb. He constantly bites his nails and also bit the end of his thumb. His big toe looks infected. We gave him a Tylenol to help with pain control and we called Bogdan to see if he could see the pediatrician. He offered her services when we came. She is only here in the morning. He said he would be there in an hour and would set it up. Then, we were playing with the kids and getting their breakfasts. Ryan just kept sleeping and sleeping, was crying a little bit, and was pushing away the other kids when they tried to play with him. We took his temp and for some reason, it changed to celcius, but Korey has a converter on his phone. It was about 99. We have him a Tylenol just to see if it would make him feel better. When Bogdan came, he accompanied us to the pediatrician and translated for us. We took both boys. She looked at Jason's toe first. She didn't think he needed to go to the hospital (neither did we, but hoping for some antibiotics). She painted a couple of different liquids on it and bandaged it up. Then, she looked at his thumb and painted the stuff on it too and bandaged it up. She wants him to come back everyday that we are here to treat it. She told me a lot of orphanage kids have that behavior. She listened to Maxim's lungs, looked in his throat and said his throat was a little red and wrote a prescription for a throat spray, some lozenges (I think) and something for the cold also to suck on. Bogdan had Artyem pick up the medicines for us. They cost 86 grivna, about $10 USD. He brought the medicines with Artyem and they explained to Ryan how to use them. He is really quiet and slept most of the day. Korey took the girls out to play while we had the boys in the clinic. We put a big shoe on Jason and sent him out to play since he desparately wanted to. I stayed in with Ryan and got to read a little. A lot of the kids from upstairs played with the kids outside and Mia came to play with the kids in the apartments. She played with them very nice and it was a nice break as she could talk to them and see what they wanted. She left when we were making lunch. Bogdan had asked Artyem to take us to McDonalds that we talked about yesterday, but I didn't know they would just show up without letting us know and Monte already had lunch made and with Ryan sick, we didn't go. Korey was playing video games in the room with Ryan and didn't hear Bogdan, so he was bummed that he missed out on McDonalds food. The food that we can make here gets old fast! We made mashed potatoes and boiled sausage again. (It is like kielbasa.) Then it was nap time, only crying until they both fell asleep. They didn't sleep long though. We played inside for a while, then took them to the park to go sledding. They really love that, hoping to get rid of the rowdies! When we got back, Mia and her sister Jessica came to play with this kids. It was so nice this morning, we were glad to see them again. Monte took the opportunity to go get groceries and then took Korey to get some pizzas. Mia left and Jessica stayed. She is a little young and got the kids rowdy. I kept telling her and them to get off the beds and settle down, but they kept getting up and she would tickle them and they would jump from bed to bed and I would settle them down and get them off the beds and then she would have them on there again. The last time, I was trying to get them all off the beds and at the table to color, Jillian fell off the bed and landed on her head. There is nothing here for an ice pack, so used a cold cold washcloth. She has a rug burn, but not too bad of a goose egg. More Tylenol to dole out- glad I brought that!! I was kind of regretting bringing the drug store with me, but I am glad I had that! Monte came back with the pizza and she was still there, and the kids wouldn't concentrate on eating pizza, so we had to shoo her away with a bye-bye. I hated to hurt her feelings, but I was at my witt's end!! They were still rowdy after dinner and Monte took them to the play room in the psychologist's office. I had to ask for the key - Anastacia kuchee, but the lady at the desk didn't want to give it to me and she called Bogdan and she seemed surprised that he said I could have it. The girls kept coming from upstairs and the kids stayed rowdy and they were still rowdy when they returned, so I am trying to finish this quickly so we can look at pictures on my computer, hopefully that will settle them down.... til next time.....(I didn't want to write this in the middle of the night, but daytime isn't working too well.)


Melinda Lanham said...

I am sorry that the boys are not feeling good. I hope it isn't something that goes through the whole family. We will pray for quick healing. Hope your next day is going to go better and the kids will continue to adjust to all the changes they are going through. You really will need lots of recovery time when you get home! Normal will never be "normal" again, but you will find the new normal for your family. It will all work out in His timing and it will be good! Love you guys! Say Hi to the kids for us. I know all three of our kids are praying for all four of your kids. (Prayers for you guys and Korey also!)

Melinda Lanham said...

Praying you are all feeling well and not sick! We miss you and are praying that you will be able to take you flight home in just a few days. Love, Us