Sunday, January 18, 2009

New things to do

Our day again started with Jason being the first one up and then it moves on to everyone else. They all wake up in a good mood and we do the two breakfasts. They usually start coloring or drawing or playing play-doh. They lasted longer today (Its getting longer and longer each day that things go well, so thats a good sign!!) before the crayons started flying and they were arguing over the coloring books. Then we took them into the psychologist's office to play. She has lots of toys in there that they play with - mostly the legos, building things like Lincoln logs, stuffed animals, and the developmental toys. We kept them occupied there until about noon. Then we gave them leftover chicken nuggets, cheese, bread, and sausage. Then we got everyone showered and into clean clothes for the puppet show. A 24 y/o orphanage graduate named Artyem that speaks English took Korey and Ryan and Robin on public transportation. When Robin and Ryan left, Jillian and Jason both started crying uncontrollably. They both wanted to go outside and thought they were being left. Luckily, the orphanage director Bogdan was there helping us arrange everyhing and he came in and talked to the kids and told them they were leaving too. I wish we could calm them when those kinds of things come up!! Monte and I and the little ones were then driven by Alyosha when it was our time to go that drove us yesterday. We met Artyem there and he came with us to the puppet show and helped us check our coats and find our seats. The kids sat spellbound for the whole show, except Jason who was more interested in the people behind us (who I have to say were quite noisy), but he did say a comment at one point in the show that made the lady in front of us laugh - I wish I knew what he said. After we got out of the show, Korey asked me if I realized what the show was about, but I was so tired I fell asleep 8 times during the show - and that was sitting on hard chairs!! Korey said it was Cinderella. After we got back, the kids played in the room again. They really like music videos and they dance to them, sometimes even when they are coloring. I have to say I am impressed how much they are coloring and playing play-doh after this many days. There aren't a whole lot of other things to do though!! The kids in one of the groups upstairs asked us to come up for dinner and they cooked for us. That was really nice. They served us chicken and fish and several salads that they had made for us. Each group has a kitchen and they cook in them for special occasions and gaining life skills at the same time! Our kids were pretty much silent for the whole meal - it amazes me how shy they are when they are so wild and crazy with us!! After we were served dessert, the kids had turned on karaoke. They sang for us while we visited. Then, they turned on the music and got the children up to dance and carried them around and played with them. The children from the orphanage also gave each of them gifts - stuff they had there like games, paints, colored pencils, cars, and stuffed animals. The kids thought they were in heaven!! Then it was time to go home. It was so nice to be invited and to get to know the kids more. They like having guests as they don't see people outside the orphanage much. Then it was a traumatic bedtime again. We had to have them put up their new toys and get jammies on - this time all of them were crying!! It was really nice to get out today, but I think a routine actually works better for them. Maybe we can get someone that speaks English to help us with bedtime soon. I really don't like having this traumatic time for them!! I wish we could explain things to them - I really wish I knew what was going through their heads!! It snowed a little today, hopefully that will be enough to take them to the park to go sledding tomorrow!! Thanks for hanging in there with us - and thanks for your prayers, comments and e-mails. Da Zafstra!! (til tomorrow or something like that!!)

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Melinda Lanham said...

I can't imagine all that you are going through. I will pray for your rest and strength! Even when you feel alone, God is holding you in the palm of His hand. The life experiences you are going through are forever life changing. They drain you and stretch you. I am so thankful you have each other as well as Korey for support through this. We will continue praying for you and waiting for your return home!
Love, Us