Friday, January 16, 2009

Day 4 Trip 2

I was going to do one post in order as things happened, but this computer times out really often and I don't want to re-write it, so I am sending each one separately. If you want to read them in order, scroll down to day one trip two....

We started today by buying bananas and apples for the children's groupas for a going away party. When we got to the orphanage, we found out that the director was out sick and they didn't know when she would be in. We needed her to sign papers, but we did have permission to leave the fruit and try the clothes on the kids. Ryan and Robin were in lessons and they wouldn't let them. We got to try clothes on Katya and everything fit. Then, we tried Jason and everything is a little bit big. He is really tiny. But he told George, they were "ad lishna" - the very best. He cried when we had to take them off. Then, we went to the street market to buy tights for the kids. They don't much of them in the U.S. They are patterned and are more like long johns than tights. Then, we got called back to the orphanage - she would meet us in half an hour. We got there just in time to catch Ryan and Robin and try their clothes on them. They were also a bit big, especially Robin, but at least they will have clothes to grow into!! Then we got to play outside with the kids. Monte and George went to make our orphanage donation to the director and she asked that we send pictures and updates on the kids. We then signed papers to release the children. I thought we would have to leave them in the orphanage until we got their passports, but we can take them with us tomorrow. We had to sign the papers in front of the inspector and her assistent. Then, I got a long talk on how to parent. Then, they brought the children in so the inspector could take pictures. We also got to talk to the head doctor and found out a few new thing about the kids that I didn't know in the beginning. Robin has tested Mantoux positive in the past, but it is just a sensitivity like a lot of people have and the x-ray didn't show any TB, but a nice thing to know. Jason was born premature. He weighed 4.4 lbs at birth and has a heart murmur. I am going to throw in a prayer request here - he is really pale and doesn't eat much - about a third of what Katya can eat. Could you please pray for his health and that nothing comes up when we do his medicals that will keep us from going home. It would be nice to get him home and treated there if he has any problems. Jillian's hernia is not an umbilical hernia that I thought. It is an abdominal wall hernia that "will get better with exercise." Will have to wait and see what happens when we get her checked at home. After we did medicals, we met with a caregiver and got their daily schedule. After all the meetings, we went back to "Don't Be Upset" to eat. We wanted Korey to experience that. After that, we took a nap and then got back up to pack. It is very late now, so I will do the rest of the updates when I get a chance.

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Coralie said...

HI so great to hear the kids are with you!! Sounds like things will all work out. I'll be thinking of you and can't wait to meet them!!