Sunday, August 30, 2009

I love you 3!

I have not been good about journaling or blogging since we have been home - now 7 months!! But I wanted to save this for a memory. We went to Father Hennepin State Park with some friends and their daughter taught Robin how to sign I love you. So now everyday, she signs to me that she loves me, from across the yard or wherever. So I signed back I love you II and held up two fingers. I don't know if that is the right sign for "too" but it works for us. :-) Then a little while later, she came back and signed to me I love you III.... its just so sweet. She is an awesome girl!!

I told her this morning she was beautiful and she again signed to me I love you - this time - I love you 10!! And then she told me her Ukraine mama would say bye-bye to her and "she no come back." So I got to take that opportunity to give her a big hug and reassure her that I would be there everyday.... and a I got a beaming smile in return. Just wanted to save that memory....I still want to write a little something about each of them and their progress looking back over the last seven months....But it is getting late....'till next time.....

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MoonDog said...

what a sweet memory. I just cant wait to see my two!